Lost and Found

On the cusp of their debut Polarity EP released just last month, Tokyo-based duo HERBALISTEK show no signs of hindering their momentum, fanning the kindled flame of an imminent blaze with the release of yet another merciless hybrid single.

“‘Ominous’ is a preview of our next string of releases, we spent this past year identifying our own authentic sound and the Polarity EP was the result of experimenting wildly with a variety of genres and styles. Now that it has finally been released, we are able to adjust our focus to showcase a different side of ourselves, while at the same time following up on the bizarre nature of our earlier projects,” the duo reveals.

While the track maintains a sense of authenticity and experimentation, per the duos proclivity for nonconforming sounds, ‘Ominous’ takes a noticeable step towards a more widely palatable style with more discernible beat patterns, rhythm & groove that a variety of preferences could get down to.

“Our past few tracks had the intention of having the listener get completely lost within the music. In contrast, our upcoming releases will be much more focused on danceability and movement. We think of this track as an introduction to the next chapter of sound from HERBALISTEK,” the duo imparts in closing.

Be sure to check out ‘Ominous’ out now below, and be sure to take advantage of the free download of the track courtesy of HERBALISTEK here!

(article: https://fuxwithit.com/2019/09/12/premiere-herbalistek-ominous-free-download/)