Lost and Found

Allen Mock


「Phantom」と「Tectonic」等のトラックで突如として日本の音楽シーンに登場し、EDCのDiscovery Projectを受賞し一躍脚光を浴び、EDC JAPAN 2019に出演。その後はUltra Japan 2022、The Rendezous 2024(USA)へ出演。
Quality Goods、Atlantic/Parametric、Circus Records、Bassrush、Wormhole Music Group、Wubaholics、Trekkie Trax、Opheliaなどの主要なレーベルから熱烈な支持を受け、着実にステージを駆け上がっている。


Allen Mock, a name inspired by his family restaurant “Arenmoku” has become one of electronic music's most vital and inventive artists, solidifying his signature bass infused with multi-genre elements to create a unique sound in his music.
Inspired by numerous clubs and raves in Japan, he has grown to become one of the most adaptive artists who is not afraid to blend together any elements of music and somehow create groove and energy.
He has proven his diverse skills in sampling as well as putting a fun twist in remixing/flipping.
He has burst onto the Japanese scene through his tracks “Phantom” and “Tectonic” and has won EDC's 2019 Discovery Project, playing Ultra Japan 2022, and becoming an underground legend on the local club circuit. Born in Korea and raised in Tokyo, Allen Mock's cultural agnosticism shines through in his artistic approach to music: nothing is off limits - except predictability. Rooted in contemporary Dubstep, Trap, House, as well as Disco and Funk, Allen Mock became more involved in nature and raves. His sound has methodically evolved from chaotic, intricately programmed bass anthems to vast, groovy, and energetic sound design compositions.
Deeply inspired by earth, he challenges the conventions of rhythm and timbre, while retaining the ever-loved elements of danceability.
As uncompromising as his genre-blending work can be, he has frequently found himself championed by an impressive array of major electronic labels, including Quality Goods, Atlantic/Parametric, Circus Records, Bassrush, Wormhole
Music Group, Wubaholics, Trekkie Trax and Ophelia. Led by a genuine love of experiencing the state of creation, his unmistakable sound design techniques, psychedelic melodies and pristine engineering consistently intersect to tell the musical stories of his world in a way that only Allen Mock can.